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Warren Siebrits & The Art of Collecting
Walter Battiss

Warren Siebrits
Walter Battiss  (1906-1982) - (featured artist)
Nils Burwitz  - (featured artist)
Tom Phillips  - (featured artist)

Pages: various
Size: 296mm
Language: English

Place publication: Johannesburg, RSA
Publisher: Warren Siebrits

Additional notes:
July 2014. Fook Book 2 - Meeting the Fookers. Goo, Gwa, Mountain Alive & Su.

August 2014. At least I was able to correct my mistake.

August 2014. People Who Breathe.

August 2014. Fook Island Coins.

month? 2014 Collecting Handmade Artists's Books: Nesos by Walter Battiss.

Sept. 2014 The Art of Collecting Interesting Inscriptions. (including Battiss with Nils Burwitz and Tom Phillips)

Dec. 2014. Walter Battiss: The significance and value of an inscription.

22 March 2017. Battiss at the Advent of Islomania in 1966-67.

18 July 2018. Fook Fondles Freely

Ref: SA/2363

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