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Authors starting with 'R'

  1. Arthur Rackham (Book Title: Arthur Rackham His Life and Work, ID: GB/5223)
  2. Anthony Radcliffe (Book Title: Bronzes 1500-1650, ID: GB/5224)
  3. Kathleen Raine (Book Title: William Blake, ID: GB/5229)
  4. Kathleen Raine (Book Title: William Blake, ID: GB/5228)
  5. Suzanne Ramljak (Book Title: Turning Wood into Art, ID: GB/5231)
  6. Ayn Rand (Book Title: Fountainhead, ID: GB/5232)
  7. David A. Randall (Book Title: Dukedom Large Enough, ID: GB/5233)
  8. David A. Randall (Book Title: Primer of Book Collecting, ID: GB/5234)
  9. P.E. Raper (Book Title: Dictionary of Southern African Place Names, ID: GB/5246)
  10. Frederick Raphael (Book Title: List of Books, ID: GB/5247)
  11. Tetence Rattigan (Book Title: Flare Path, ID: GB/5253)
  12. Tetence Rattigan (Book Title: French without Tears, ID: GB/5254)
  13. Hans-Georg Rauch (Book Title: En Masse, ID: GB/5255)
  14. Williams and Marlys Ray (Book Title: Art of Invention, ID: GB/5264)
  15. Brian Read (Book Title: Aubrey Beardsley, ID: GB/5267)
  16. Forrest Read (Book Title: Pound/Joyce, ID: GB/5268)
  17. Herbert Read (Book Title: Concise History of Modern Painting, ID: GB/5269)
  18. Herbert Read (Book Title: London Book of English Prose, ID: GB/5270)
  19. Brian Reade (Book Title: Aubrey Beardsley, ID: GB/5271)
  20. John Rechy (Book Title: Sexual Outlaw, ID: GB/5272)
  21. Helena Reckitt (Book Title: Art and Feminism, ID: GB/5273)
  22. Brian Redhead (Book Title: Anti-Booklist, ID: GB/5275)
  23. Nigel Rees (Book Title: Guinness Book of Humerous Anecdotes, ID: GB/5282)
  24. Nigel Rees (Book Title: Quote .... Unquote", ID: GB/5278)
  25. Nigel Rees (Book Title: Quote. . .. Unquote Book of Love, Death and the Universe, ID: GB/5283)
  26. William Rees-Mogg (Book Title: How to Buy Rare Books, ID: GB/5284)
  27. Jasia Reichardt (Book Title: Robots, ID: GB/5289)
  28. Alastair Reid (Book Title: Ounce Dice Trice, ID: GB/5290)
  29. Charles Reid (Book Title: Painting What you Want to See, ID: GB/5292)
  30. Rita Reif (Book Title: Living with Books, ID: GB/5294)
  31. Burkhard Reimschneider (Book Title: Art at the Turn of the Millennium, ID: GB/5297)
  32. Deneys Reitz (Book Title: No Outspan, ID: GB/5300)
  33. Deneys Reitz (Book Title: Trekking On, ID: GB/5301)
  34. David Remnick (Book Title: Complete New Yorker, ID: GB/10661)
  35. Mary Renault (Book Title: King Must Die, ID: GB/5303)
  36. Paige Rense (Book Title: Celebrity Homes II. Architectural Digest. , ID: GB/5307)
  37. John Rewald (Book Title: Seurat - a Biography, ID: GB/5314)
  38. Sabine Rewald (Book Title: Balthus, ID: GB/5316)
  39. Grahams Reynolds (Book Title: Concise History of Watercolours, ID: GB/5320)
  40. Robert Reynolds (Book Title: Magic Symbols, ID: GB/5322)
  41. Dick Richards (Book Title: Wit of Noel Coward, ID: GB/5328)
  42. Harry Handel Richardson (Book Title: Fortunes of Richard Mahony, ID: GB/5329)
  43. Harry Handel Richardson (Book Title: Myself When Young, ID: GB/5330)
  44. Joanna Richardson (Book Title: La Vie Parisienne, ID: GB/5331)
  45. John Adkins Richardson (Book Title: Art: The Way It Is, ID: GB/5334)
  46. Samuel Richardson (Book Title: Pamela, ID: GB/5336)
  47. Mordecai Richler (Book Title: Barney's Version, ID: GB/5337)
  48. Mordecai Richler (Book Title: This Year in Jerusalem, ID: GB/5343)
  49. Maurice Rickards (Book Title: Posters of the First World War, ID: GB/5345)
  50. Maurice Rickards (Book Title: Public Notice - an Illustrated History, ID: GB/5346)
  51. Maurice Rickards (Book Title: Rise and Fall of the Poster, ID: GB/5347)
  52. Charles S. Ricketts (Book Title: Sonnets of Sir Philip Sidney, ID: GB/5932)
  53. Christopher Ricks (Book Title: State of the Language, ID: GB/5349)
  54. Alan Riddell (Book Title: Typewriter Art, ID: GB/5350)
  55. Michael Ridley (Book Title: Book of Gremlins, ID: GB/5351)
  56. Rex Rienits (Book Title: Voyage of Columbus, ID: GB/5353)
  57. David Riesman (Book Title: Lonely Crowd, ID: GB/5354)
  58. Jacob A. Riis (Book Title: How the Other Half Lives, ID: GB/5356)
  59. William H. Riker (Book Title: Democracy in the United States, ID: GB/5357)
  60. Walter Ripman (Book Title: Sounds of Spoken English, ID: GB/5372)
  61. Phillip Rith (Book Title: I Married a Communist, ID: GB/5373)
  62. Richard Rive (Book Title: Modern African Prose, ID: GB/5374)
  63. Larry Rivers (Book Title: Helen A. Harrison, ID: GB/5375)
  64. Warren Roberts (Book Title: D. H. Lawrence and his World, ID: GB/5379)
  65. Andrew Robinson (Book Title: Story of Writing, ID: GB/5384)
  66. Duncan Robinson (Book Title: Stanley Spencer, ID: GB/5385)
  67. Henry Morton Robinson (Book Title: Cardinal, ID: GB/5387)
  68. J. G. Robinson (Book Title: Psychology of Visual Illusion, ID: GB/5388)
  69. W. Heath Robinson (Book Title: Meals on Wheels, ID: GB/5393)
  70. Mazo de la Roche (Book Title: Whiteoak Chronicles, ID: GB/5395)
  71. Norman Rockwell (Book Title: Boys and Girls at Play, ID: GB/5396)
  72. Mercè Rodoreda (Book Title: Two Tales, ID: GB/5399)
  73. George Rodrigue (Book Title: Blue Dog, ID: GB/5400)
  74. Benjamin Bickley Rogers (Book Title: Clouds of Aristophanes, ID: GB/5404)
  75. Luis Romero (Book Title: Dali, ID: GB/5414)
  76. Luis Romero (Book Title: Salvadore Dali, ID: GB/5415)
  77. Blasius Romerus (Book Title: Opera Philosophica. Esistolae, ID: GB/10200)
  78. Waverley Root (Book Title: Cooking of Italy, ID: GB/5422)
  79. Andrea Rose (Book Title: Pre-Raphaelites, ID: GB/5426)
  80. Barbara Rose (Book Title: Magdalena Abakanowicz, ID: GB/5427)
  81. Kenneth Jon Rose (Book Title: Body in Time, ID: GB/5428)
  82. Richard Rose (Book Title: Politics in England, ID: GB/5429)
  83. Harold Rosenberg (Book Title: Saul Steinberg, ID: GB/5431)
  84. Joseph Rosenbloom (Book Title: World's Toughest Tongue Twisters, ID: GB/5434)
  85. Robert Rosenblum (Book Title: Paintings in the Musee D'Orsay, ID: GB/5435)
  86. James Rosenquist (Book Title: Judith Goldman, ID: GB/5436)
  87. Eric Rosenthal (Book Title: Rand Rush, ID: GB/5440)
  88. Clifford Ross (Book Title: World of Edward Gorey, ID: GB/5441)
  89. George Ross (Book Title: Those in Favour, ID: GB/5452)
  90. John Ross (Book Title: Complete Printmaker, ID: GB/5443)
  91. Leonard Q. Ross (Book Title: Education of Hyman Kaplan, ID: GB/5448)
  92. Tony Ross (Book Title: Portraits, ID: GB/5450)
  93. Christina Rossetti (Book Title: Goblin Market, ID: GB/15976)
  94. Attilio Rossi (Book Title: Posters, ID: GB/5456)
  95. Medardo Rosso (Book Title: Luciano Caramel, ID: GB/5459)
  96. Leo Rosten (Book Title: Joys of Yiddish, ID: GB/5461)
  97. Leo Rosten (Book Title: Rome Wasn't Burnt in a Day, ID: GB/5463)
  98. Dieter Roth (a.k.a. Diter Rot) (Karl-Dieterich) (Book Title: Collected Works. Volume 20, ID: GB/5467)
  99. Philip Roth (Book Title: Shop Talk, ID: GB/5497)
  100. John Rothenstein (Book Title: Tate Gallery, ID: GB/5513)
  101. Arthur Rothstein (Book Title: Depression Years, ID: GB/5515)
  102. Franz Rottensteiner (Book Title: Science Fiction Book, ID: GB/5516)
  103. Nicolas Roukes (Book Title: Plastics for Kinetic Art, ID: GB/5518)
  104. J. P. Rourke (Book Title: Proteas of Southern Africa, ID: GB/5519)
  105. Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Book Title: Confessions, ID: GB/5520)
  106. Jonathan Routh (Book Title: Secret Life of Queen Victoria, ID: GB/5521)
  107. William Rowe (Book Title: Exotic Alphabets and Ornaments, ID: GB/5522)
  108. William Rowe (Book Title: Original Art Deco Designs, ID: GB/5523)
  109. Margit Rowell (Book Title: Objects of Desire, ID: GB/5525)
  110. Nick Rowling (Book Title: Art Source Book, ID: GB/5527)
  111. Claude Roy (Book Title: Aristide Maillol, ID: GB/4085)
  112. Claude Roy (Book Title: Balthus, ID: GB/5530)
  113. Claude Roy (Book Title: Maillol Vivant, ID: GB/5531)
  114. Jason Roy (Book Title: Out of Print, ID: GB/15524)
  115. Peter Ruber (Book Title: Last Bookman, ID: GB/5532)
  116. William Rubin (Book Title: Pablo Picasso, ID: GB/5534)
  117. William Rubin (Book Title: Primitivism" in 20th Century Art, ID: GB/5533)
  118. H. F. Rubinstein (Book Title: Drama Bedside Book, ID: GB/5535)
  119. Rodeo Ruckus (Book Title: Red Grooms, ID: GB/5537)
  120. Damon Runyon (Book Title: Guys and Dolls, ID: GB/5544)
  121. Allen Ruppersberg (Book Title: Secret of Life and Death, ID: GB/14399)
  122. William Rushton (Book Title: Great Moments of History, ID: GB/5560)
  123. John Ruskin (Book Title: Sesame and Lilies Etc, ID: GB/5562)
  124. Stephen Russ (Book Title: Complete Guide to Printmaking, ID: GB/5564)
  125. Stephen Russ (Book Title: Practical Screen Printing, ID: GB/5565)
  126. Ash Russell (Book Title: Bizarre Books, ID: GB/5566)
  127. Bertrand Russell (Book Title: Analysis of the Mind, ID: GB/5567)
  128. Bertrand Russell (Book Title: Autobiography of Bertrand Russell (3 vols), ID: GB/5568)
  129. Bertrand Russell (Book Title: History of Western Philosophy, ID: GB/5570)
  130. Bertrand Russell (Book Title: On God and Religion, ID: GB/5571)
  131. Bertrand Russell (Book Title: Why I am Not a Christian, ID: GB/5572)
  132. John Russell (Book Title: Meaning of Modern Art, ID: GB/5573)
  133. John Russell (Book Title: Reading Russell, ID: GB/5574)
  134. Pat Russell (Book Title: Decorative Alphabets, ID: GB/5580)
  135. Pat Russell (Book Title: Fine Words Fine Books, ID: GB/5581)
  136. John Ryan (Book Title: Case for Legibility, ID: GB/5589)
  137. John Ryan (Book Title: Flowers and Flourishes, ID: GB/5590)

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