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Alexia Ferreira


EXPOSED (2016)

Type of book work: Unique / sculptural book-object (one-of-a-kind)
Dimensions: 230 x 240
Media: Oil pastel on fabriano, denim & various fabrics

Artist's / designer's statements

The book focuses on the theme of ambiguity. The images are not quite what they seem. The use of a peephole enforces this concept as it focuses on specific areas that bear similarities to female genitalia. Each page is "exposed" in a certain way.

Each of these methods allow the viewer to undress the page to expose what lies beneath the restricting peephole. The ambiguous nature of this relationship between flower and female genitalia displays how genitalia has the capacity of both attraction and repulsion.

Comprises of drawings that establish a dialogue between our aesthetic taste and ethical judgement. The cover mimics a pair of jeans and can only be opened through unbuttoning the jeans.

Artist / Student


2013 Matriculated Leeuwenhof Akademie
Currently a 3rd year student, Department of Visual Art, University of Johannesburg


2008 Cartoon Network Imagination Generation, Second runner up
2012 La Dolce Vita Postcard competition, Winner
2013 Certificate of Achievement in Visual Art
2015 First year Top Achiever
2016 IOHA Curriculum Intervention Campaign, Winner


2016 Thami Mnyele; Top 100
2016 G & W Tellus Sculptura; Association of Arts, Pretoria
2016 Badly Drawn Porn; Trent Art Gallery, Pretoria
2016 Dean's Merit Award Exhibition; Faculty of Art Design and Architecture gallery, University of Johannesburg
2017 Student Exhibition; Association of Arts, Pretoria
2017 Contemporary Art from South Africa. Turchin Center for the Visual Arts. Appalachian State University. North Carolina. USA
2017 IHOA poster design, South Africa
2017 Showcased works at Pretoria Student Arts Exhibition, South Africa

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