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Goolam Saber



Type of book work: Unique / sculptural book-object (one-of-a-kind)
Dimensions: 220 - 150
Media: Mixed

PANTOMIME 1 (2016)

Type of book work: Unique / sculptural book-object (one-of-a-kind)
Dimensions: 610mm 510mm
Media: Hand made Phumani paper

Artist's / designer's statements

A layered hand made paper piece, hand cut with ink detail. Showcased in a Perspex box.

Fragments from the past may keep us from reaching our full potential, holding us in the shadows of ourselves. To move forward it is wise to relinquish the past, separate attachments and trust the universe.

A body of work exploring the depths of personal transitions, growth and movement, uncovering layers and inner barricades. A multi-faceted, mixed medium exploration aids as the first of these experimental processes with the intent to be shared.

Facing yourself in your deepest secrets could destroy you or take you further into a better version of yourself, changing the perspective of the default successful self in society for a more authentic self. In this instance, leaping before you look seemed to work. Uncovering, peeling and realizing the truth of what's important in this life through these processes, I realized a personal transition of growth and movement. Embracing the shift and walking the journey I pave.

Artist / Student


4 years, Artist Proof Studio


2017 Ampersand fellowship Award


2017 Julie Miller investment art gallery
2016 Strauss and co

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