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Inge Hyson



Type of book work: Unique / sculptural book-object (one-of-a-kind)

Dimensions: 780 x 480 x 280

Media: Handmade paper, card, fabric painted wooden board and Perspex

Artist's / designer's statements

The notion of disintegration is integral to my vision. Things decay and in the process a different sensibility appears - the tactility of the fractured, broken and fragmented. The fragile elements are integrated and reconstituted into an image. The artwork, Manuscript No, VIII Subject: Botany, highlights the brittle and delicate state of old manuscripts, housed in sealed, airtight containers. To the everyday spectator, the pages of the old book cannot be turned and caught at a page, both intrigue and frustrate the viewer. The pages are tactile and beg to be touched, however the viewer experiences a restriction of access.

The art work consists of handmade paper pages. The pages are sewn and glued together with a card and fabric cover. The book is covered by a Plexiglass display case.

Academic / Artist

Senior Lecturer

Department of Graphic Design, University of Johannesburg


2010 M Tech Fine Art (cum laude) University of Johannesburg
1987 B Ed University of the Witwatersrand
1977 Higher Diploma in Education University of the Witwatersrand
1976 BA University of the Witwatersrand

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