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Sue Pam-Grant



Type of book work: Editioned / printed work
Dimensions: 310 x 450
Media: 'gicleé' ink jet prints on tecco fine art cotton rag hand bound and encased

Artist's / designer's statements

Pool of Tears, stands testimony to the 'Presence of Absence' and the 'Absence of Presence'.

We unearth stories- by fragments- each appearing, on different levels, to have their own significance - our imaginations in quest of the bigger picture. But, as more fragments come to surface, we are sometimes surprised at the meta-narrative which emerges.


Type of book work: Unique / sculptural book-object (one-of-a-kind)
Dimensions: 330 x 440
Media: linen, cotton, mixed media, board, beehive drawer frames

Artist's / designer's statements

The 'autobiography' in the form of the body narrative, articulated through the undergarment, inner-lining and materiality of 'The Dress' - our 2nd skin.

An examination of the fragility in resilience.

Interdisciplinary artist / Actor / Writer / Director and Designer in the theatre, and a multimedia performance artist in the visual arts.

In her practice, she uses autobiography to interrogate the matter of self.

In a process of unpicking, tracking mapping and tracing, she excavates the 'self portrait', with new constructions and reconstructions.

Her theatre career spans the past 25 years. Her works have been highly acclaimed and have had international recognition.

Her plays have toured internationally and her 'CURL UP AND DYE' is a Grade 12 South African set work.

She works from, and curates her 'Interface' studio space, 'FRONT VIEW 3', in Melville Johannesburg. Her daily discourse with the public in the form of a daily exchange through her shop front window is her Theatre, is her Practice.

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