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[01] First issue.

Item date(s): March 2004

Julius Baumann  - (edited by)

Pages: 24pp
Size: 410mm

Place publication: Johannesburg, RSA
Publisher: Business Day
Issue 01

Additional notes:
Newspaper supplement.

Ref: SA/0297


Doreen Southwood
 Doreen Southwood (title)
 Gus Silber
   Brett Kebble Awards.

Colbert Mashile
 Colbert Mashile (title)
 Ashley Johnson
   Using creativity to heal the subconscious.

Wim Botha
 Sean O'Toole
 Wim Botha (title)
   The language of symbols.

Berni Searle
 Sean O'Toole
 Berni Searle (title)
   Seeing personal identity through a lens.

John Meyer
 Suzanne Joubert
 John Meyer (title)
   Human interactions and the human condition on canvas.

Pieter van der Westhuizen
 Heather Mackie
 Pieter van der Westhuizen (title)
   Reflected milieus can provide much pleasure.

Diane Victor
 Ashley Johnson
 Diane Victor (title)
   Wilful art mistress oozes power.

Dylan Lewis
 Suzanne Joubert
 Dylan Lewis (title)
   Feline preoccupation yeilds rich dividends.

Sam Nhlengethwa
 Darryl Accone
 Sam Nhlengethwa (title)
   Images transport creator and audience back in time.

Deborah Poynton
 Suzanne Joubert
 Deborah Poynton (title)
   Colourful enigmas aim to interact with viewers.

Dinkies Sithole
 Dinkie Sithole (title)
 Tlou Legodi
   Creative straightjackets can't hold this man down.

Churchill Madikida
 Sean O'Toole
 Churchill Madikida (title)
   From dobious beginnings to top of the class.

Jurgen Schadeberg
 Jurgen E. Schadeberg (title)
 Jonathan Katzenellenbogen
   At 73, Jurgen Schadeberg just won't put his camera down.

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