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Art from South Africa

Item date(s): 1990

David Elliot  - (curated by)
David Nthubu Koloane  - (curated by)

Pages: 95pp
Size: 220mm, oblong

Place publication: Oxford, UK
Publisher: The Museum of Modern Art
ISBN: 0-905836-71-5

Additional notes:
Distributed by Thames and Hudson, London.

Ref: SA/0420


Preparing Ourselves for Freedom
 Albie Sachs (essay by)

Albie Sachs and the Art of Protest
 Frank Meintjies (essay by)

Culture is Struggle's Weapon-Desk'
 Phil Molefe (essay by)

Art as Propaganda Inevitably Self-destructs
 Kendell Geers (essay by)

Inventing South African Art
 Gavin Younge (essay by)

What are we supposed to be doing here - on earth?
 Mongane Wally Serote (essay by)

MoMA Show raises questions about people's culture and art museums
 Mario Pissara (essay by)
 Jacqui Nolte (essay by)

Desperately seeing 'Africa'
 Colin Richards (essay by)

Graphic Arts in the Transvaal, Natal and the Western Cape
 David Nthubu Koloane (essay by)

People's Parks (Work by Collectives)
 Steven Sack (essay by)

Imvaba and the Big Posters (Work by Collectives)
 Imvaba Artists' Group (essay by)

Wire Toys from Katlehong Township
 Napho Makoena (essay by)

The Tuhupelo Art Project
 David Nthubu Koloane (essay by)

Beadwork and Blankets
 Rayda Becker (essay by)

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