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The Artists of the Rocks
Art in South Africa

Item date(s): (1948)

Walter Battiss  (1906-1982)
C. van Riet Lowe  - (foreword by)

Pages: 249pp
Size: 284mm
Inscription: Signed by the author.
Edition: #452/500

Place publication: Pretoria, RSA
Publisher: The Red Fawn Press
ART 1780
Battiss bibliography 07

Additional notes:
Sotheby's 20/10/03 #69.

Sotheby's 26/04/12 #1368

Plus 15 plates in full colour tipped in at the centre of the book.

A partially complete list of books by Walter Battiss appears on page 220 of Battiss edited by Karin Skawran & Michael Macnamara, Ad Donker, 1985.

Plus another copy (#61/500) of this book which is badly water damaged and warped:

on the first endpaper it is inscribed "To Professor C. van Riet Lowe with unusual pleasure! from Walter Battiss Nov. 1948. A letter has been pasted into the front endpaper:

Wednesday 1.12.1948

Dear Professor,

Printers - promises are XXX and I am STILL WAITING for the copies of my book! In South Africa the attitude of printers is purely amateur! This puts me in a great fix.

Now I may have to wait 10 more days. What incompetance!

So I write you this trouble.

By the way, you will notice that I stuck extra handprinted colour plates in your book made from my own drawings so your copy will be different from all the others issued.

Sincerely yours,

Walter B.

These "extra handprinted colour plates" occur on pages 10, 16, 101, 129, 235, 239 and 241 where they are the same as the printed version but specially printed on different paper. In addition, on page 251, he has pasted a small extra illustration. There are also pasted initial letters on pages 5, 11, 17, 23 and 231.

Also laid into the book is a letter to Professor C. van Riet Lowe date 19 September 1952. This letter is separately catalogued. See item 1781 for letter.

Plus another copy (#2/500) of this book which has a double dustjacket:

The artist's own copy with three letters and three unique added artworks.

The letters form a correspondence with Dr W. L. Miller.

25 June '50. From W. L. Miller to Battiss.

28 June 1950. From Battiss to Dr Miller.

15/8/50. From W. L. Miller to Battiss. It is then re-addressed from Battiss to Dr Miller.

The original artworks are on pages 10, 16 and 235 where the printed image is printed onto a coloured base which is pasted into the book.

Ref: SA/0468

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