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William Kentridge [2001B]

Item date(s): 2001

Neal Benezra  - (curated by)
Staci Boris  - (curated by)
Dan Cameron  - (curated by)
William Kentridge  - (title)

Pages: 160pp
Size: 280mm
Inscription: Signed by the artist

Place publication: New York
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
ISBN: 0-933856-69-5

Additional notes:
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago 20/10/01-20/1/02; New Museum of Contemporary Art 3/6/01-16/9/01, New York in association with Harry N. Abrahams, Inc.

Showing at the South African National Gallery, Cape Town 7/12/02-23/3/03.

Including pages from "Portage" on the preliminary pages.

With a fold-out pamphlet published by the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden., 2001.

This is the softcover edition. This copy signed by the artist at the end of the "Portage" illustrations under his name.

Hardcover edition: ID SA/0167.

Ref: SA/0482


William Kentridge: Drawings for Projection
 Neal Benezra (essay by)

The Process of Change: Landscape, Memory, Animation, and Felix in Exile
 Staci Boris (essay by)

Mundus Inversus, Mundus Perversus
 Lynne Cooke (essay by)

Processions and Public Rituals
 Ari Sitas (essay by)

An Interview with William Kentridge
 William Kentridge (interview with)
 Dan Cameron (interview by)

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