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Negotiating the Presence of the Bushman

Item date(s): 1996

Pippa Skotnes  - (curated and edited by)
Marilyn Martin  - (foreword by)
Patricia Davison  - (foreword by)
Bushmen  - (title)

Pages: 383pp
Size: 295mm

Place publication: Cape Town, RSA
Publisher: University of Cape Town Press
ISBN: 0-7992-1652-6

Additional notes:
At the South African National Galley.

A Story of the /Xam. LLAREC Series in Visual History. An extract from the story of the Day-Heat Star, told to Lucy Lloyd in 1873 by //Kabbo and recorded in her notebooks including extracts from other /Xam narratives, photographs and drawings and text and images reproduced from water-colours by Pippa Skotnes.

Ref: SA/0728

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