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Auction Catalogues (2006)

Item date(s): 2006

Stephan Welz & Co in Association With Sotheby's

Pages: various
Size: 210mm

Sub-type: Auction catalogue

Place publication: Johannesburg and Cape Town, RSA
Publisher: Stephan Welz & Co in association with Sotheby's

Additional notes:
Note: Catalogues SA603, SA606, SAxxx are Stamp catalogues.

Ref: SA/0820


Decorative & Fine Arts (Cape Town 7&8/2/2006)
   Sale #0601

Decorative & Fine Arts, Jewels and Books (Johannesburg 27&28/3/2006)
   Sale #0602

Decorative & Fine Arts (Cape Town 23&24/5/2006)
   Sale #0604

Decorative & Fine Arts (Johannesburg 31/7 &1&2/8/2006)
   Sale #0605

Classic Cars and Motor Cycles (Johannesburg 19/8/2006)
   Sale #0607
   Not an art catalogue; included here for sequential reasons only

Decorative and Fine Arts (Cape Town 17&18/10/2006)
   Sale #0608

Decorative and Fine Arts, Jewels and Books (Johannesburg 20&21/11/2006)
   Sale #0609

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