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One Million and Forty Four Years (and Sixty Three Days)
A Sampler

Item date(s): 2007

Kathryn Smith  - (edited with an introduction by)
Douglas Gimberg  - (featured artist)
Christian Nerf  - (featured artist)
Ruth Sacks  - (featured artist)
Ed Young  - (featured artist)

Pages: 293pp
Size: 178mm
Inscription: Signed by two participants.
Edition: #33/50

Place publication: Stellenbosch, RSA
Publisher: SMAC Art Gallery
ISBN: 978-0-620-38259-5

Additional notes:
A companion to the exhibition by Douglas Gimberg, Christian Nerf, Ruth Sacks and Ed young, this book publishes responses to the above question received over a four-week period in 2007.

Supported by the university of Stellenbosch, Department of Visual Arts.

500 standard softcover copies and 50 numbered, hardcover editions.

Ref: SA/1140


Email Correspondence
 Robert Storr (essay by)

Spontaneous Human Combustion 1
 Gustavo Artigas (essay by)

Email Correspondence
 Barend de Wet (essay by)

This is the work of idle hands, or you can't say anthing original about the avant-garde
 Bettina Malcomess (essay by)

Histories of Avant-Gardism in South Africa
 Colin Richards (essay by)

Does the Avant Garde Exist???
 Wayne Cahill Barker (essay by)

Shy have there been no avant-garde African artists?
 Candice Breitz (essay by)

Comrades At Arms: The African Avant-Garde at the First World Festival of Negro Arts (Dakar 1966)
 Sylvester Ogbechie (essay by)

Contingent States & Postscript: Is This Music?
 Sean O'Toole (essay by)

Avant-Garde for Beginners
 Trasi Henen (essay by)

 Siemon Allen (essay by)

When Does a Moment End?
 James Sey (essay by)

Two Chinese Guys
 Ed Young (essay by)
 Kathryn Smith (essay by)

I Terrorealist
 Kendell Geers (essay by)

Rule No. One
 Christian Nerf (essay by)

The Power of the Clone: Product Piracy as Avant-Garde Practice
 Michael Smith (essay by)

Four Works
 Avant Car Guard (essay by)

Considering the Act of Terror: The Dilemma of the Avant-Garde
 Brenden Gray (essay by)

Barriga de Dragao
 Rafael Mouzinho (essay by)

The Avant-Garde is Dead. Long Live the Avant-Garde!
 Lize van Robbroeck (essay by)

'' Is the Avant-Garde Still a Viable and or Tenable Notion in the Current Contemporary Moment. . .?"
 Thando Mama (essay by)

Nathaniel Stern. . .Sings!
 Nathaniel Stern (essay by)

To Believe in the Avant-Garde is to Deny the Permanence of the Width of a Horse's Arse
 Elan Gamaker (essay by)

Everyone Hates me Because I'm Nerdy and White
 Stacy Hardy (essay by)

Digging up Old Horses
 Johan Thom (essay by)

Email Correspondence
 Aryan Kaganof (essay by)

Email Correspondence
 Peet Pienaar (essay by)

Show me the Avant-Garde and I'll Show you a Good Time
 Ed Young (essay by)

Artforum Accident
 Kristofer Paetau (essay by)

Conversation with Takashi Murakami at T1 - Triennale Torina Treimusei: The Pantagruel Syndrome
 Ruth Sacks (essay by)

 Brian Eno (essay by)

Email Correspondence
 Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev (essay by)

Email Correspondence
 James Beckett (essay by)

 Robin Rhode (essay by)

The Avant-Garde and the Identity-Dilettante
 Cesare Pietroiusti (essay by)

Excerpt from Contrtuccion de Uno
 Liam Gillick (essay by)

Taking the Piss
 Ed Young (essay by)

End Notes
 Andrew Lamprecht (essay by)

Love Douglas
 Douglas Gimberg (essay by)

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