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Figuring Faith
Images of Belief in Africa

Item date(s): 2011

Fiona Rankin-Smith  - (curated and edited by)
Belina Bozzoli  - (foreword by)

Pages: 287pp
Size: 240mm

Place publication: Johannesburg
Publisher: Fourthwall Books
ISBN: 978-0-9869850-6-5

Ref: SA/1435


Figuring Faith
 William Kentridge (essay by)

Seeing, Believing and the Dead
 Colin Richards (essay by)

Smashing the Divine Image
 Jonathan Hyslop (essay by)

The Sacred: Holy and Demonic
 Anitra Nettleton (essay by)

Skin and Underneath
 Clive Van den Berg (essay by)

Shadow Catchers: Aspects of the Spiritual in the Work of Three South African Photographers
 Michael Godby (essay by)

The Power of Place: Imaging South African sacred Spaces
 Federico Freschi (essay by)

Liminal States
 Churchill Madikida (essay by)

Chasing Shadows
 Santu Mofokeng (essay by)

Good Faith
 Achille Mbembe (interview by)
 Penny (Penelope) Siopis (interview with)

Kali: The Defiant Female
 Reshma Chhiba (essay by)

Faith or Expediency, Religion or Art? A Consideration of Contemporary Transgressive Religious Images
 Karen von Veh (essay by)

Portraits From a Grid, 1999-2010.
 Hentie van der Merwe (essay by)

Fetishising (and De-Fetishising) the Missionary Gaze
 Isabel Hofmeyr (essay by)

Divine Communications
 Anitra Nettleton (essay by)

Dressed for the Occasion
 Rayda Becker (essay by)

Filemon Manjaze's Gourds
 Filemon Manjaze (title)
 Alex Zaloumis (essay by)

Altered States: Transfiguring and Transforming
 Jane Taylor (essay by)

Dancing in Colour: A Soul's Journey to Spirit
 Makgathi Mokwena (essay by)

Screaming Image: Klas Thibeletsa's Child Abuse and the Post-Apartheid Confessional
 Deborah Posel (essay by)

The '' Truth Games" Series
 Sue Williamson (essay by)

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