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Auction Catalogues (2014)

Item date(s): 2014

Stephan Welz & Co

Pages: various
Size: 270mm

Sub-type: Auction catalogue

Place publication: Cape Town and Johannesburg, RSA
Publisher: Stephan Welz & Co.

Additional notes:
#1624 The Thumper Auction: Postage stamps, Currency, Autographs

#1624A: Cape Town 25&26 February 2014

#1624B: Traditional African Art form the Colin Sayers Collection 2

Ref: SA/1624


Fine Art & Collectibles
   Sale #SA1413

The Gramadoelas Aujction
   Sale #SA1405

Decorative and Fine Arts
   25 & 26/2/2014
   Sale #SA1401
   Two volumes; the second being Traditional African Art from the Colin Sayers Collection.

No printed catalogue issued. Photocopy of listing.
   Sale #SA1403 (Not numbered on catalogue)

Fine Art & Design
   Sale #SA1404

The Thumper Auction. Postage Stamps, Postal History, Banknotes, Coins & Meddallions, Autographs.
   Sale #SA????

Fine Art & Collectibles
   Sale #SA1411

Fine Art & Collectibles
   Sale #SA1414

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