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Activate / Captivate
Collections re-engagement at Wits Art Museum

Item date(s): 2015

Laura De Becker  - (edited by)
Anitra Nettleton  - (edited by)

Pages: 192pp
Size: 242mm

Place publication: Johannesburg
Publisher: Wits Art Museum
ISBN: 978-0-620-67792-9

Ref: SA/1812


Engaging collections and collections engagement at Wits Art Museum
 Laura De Becker (essay by)
 Anitra Nettleton (essay by)

What's in the storerooms? Unpacking the genesis and growth of the Wits Art Museum collections
 Julia Charlton (essay by)

The architectural evolution of Wits Art Museum
 Vedhant Maharaj (essay by)
 Jessica Blumberg (essay by)
 Paul Kotze (essay by)

Putting theory into practice: Developing Wits Art Museum education resources
 Leigh Leyde (essay by)
 Alison Kearney (essay by)

Finding another way - embodied printmaking: Fine arts teaching and learning in and beyond Wits Art Museum
 Niall Bingham (essay by)
 David Andrew (essay by)

Valuing the art of handcraft: Engaging creatively with the African art collections at Wits Art Museum
 Walter Oltmann (essay by)

Talking authenticity: Museum and flea market works in teaching African art at Wits
 Anitra Nettleton (essay by)

Taking things seriously: The Object Biographies project
 Justine Wintjes (essay by)

Silence in the storerooms
 Laura De Becker (essay by)

The absence of models is an occupational hazard'
 Stacey Vorster (essay by)
 Joni Brenner (essay by)

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