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Artists' Books in the Ginsberg Collection
Ephemera relating to the exhibition

Item date(s): 1996

Jack M. Ginsberg  - (curated by)
David Murray Paton  - (curated by)

Pages: various
Size: Box = 310mm
Language: English

Place publication: Johannesburg
Publisher: Jack M. Ginsberg

Additional notes:
An additional unnumbered copy of the exhibition catalogue and the working copy.

Note(s) for the Exhibition (used for wall panels): 1. On the layout of the exhibition. 2. Guidelines for the differentiation of book-objects. 3. [Fourteen] Chapter divisions of the exhibition. 4. Colophon. #3/3 copies. Another copy inscribed by David Paton. #2/3 copies.

Photographs and negatives of the opening of the exhibition and the exhibits.

Multiple copies of the invitation to the opening of the exhibition (folded card).

Multiple copies of the flyer handed to visitors to the exhibition (double folded pamphlet).

Press clippings of the exhibition.

Tape recording.

Address by Jack Ginsberg to the opening of the exhibition on 25th August 1996.

Curriculum Vitae of David Neale Bunn and his address to the opening of the exhibition.

General correspondence concerning the exhibition.

Ref: 3725

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