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Item date(s): 2015 - 2017

Eugene Hön
David Paton
Ashton Bullock
Martin Bolton
Christa van Zyl

Size: 240mm
Technique: Various print media; Laser cut paper
Edition: Unique

Type: Pop-up
Theme(s): Dichotomy

Place publication: Johannesburg
Publisher: University of Johannesburg
Exhibition 2017

Reference note:
The project was designed to involve staff and students from the Departments of Graphic Design, Industrial Design and Visual Art over a period of time in order to test the viability of a united book project across disciplines and years.

The project was loosely based on the theme of dichotomy which could underpin any aspect of conception, design and / or content. It soon became clear that pop-up and other engineered structures would accompany the various printed images to create an experiential and haptic book encounter.

Christa, a pop-up aficionado, produced a 2-page pop-up sequence. On one, a maelstrom of birds (both caught up in as well as the cause) give way to a set of flower heads which are formed from the birds' shapes, which rise up when the next page is opened. Martin produced a drawn and engineered pop-up structure which resembles a mouth of multiple parts. David, who has an 'inordinate fondness for beetles' produced a multi-print gate-fold opening which reveals a pop-up beetle and laser-cut cocoon. Ashton produced a pop-up flower derived from intricate pen drawings by Eugene Hon found elsewhere on the exhibition. Christa and Martin produced much of the laser cutting, the final cover board design and the book's binding.

The work presents as five pop-ups including double gate-fold elements

Interdepartmental design project.

Various print media, laser-cut paper and supawood

Exhibition notes:
;‘Booknesses: Contemporary South African Artist's Books’.

FADA Gallery, University of Johannesburg.

Curated by David Paton and Eugene Hon.

24 March - 5 May 2017

Ref: DP/17088

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