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Mini Dictionary

Artwork date(s): 1996/7

Joseph Zamuxolo Mdwayi

Description: Hand written dictionary of street terms and slang in various African languages including English and Afrikaans. The dictionary consists of some 1400 terms used in daily exchanges in the city. The artist began writing the dictionary with an aim to distribute it among foreigners who could use it as a kind of urban survival tool for the city and the townships. The book already exists in a word processor format and should be printed to an A6 format photocopy version and mass-produced.

Measurements: 300mm
Edition: Unique

Type: South African Artists Book

Publisher: Artists Book

Reference noteBinding: Three soft-cover 'mapping book' school exercise books. The books were exhibited as part of the KNOWLEDGE TO THE VISITOR exhibtion at the Rembrandt van Rijn Gallery 6 July - 26 July 1997. This version is a gallery produced A5 booklet in which the original hand-written terms are transcribed, typed out, collated and spiral-bound for gallery visitors to take.

Ref: DP/96

Paper: Exercise book paper. Medium: Blue ball-point pen.

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