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Artists' Publications. A Genre and its Investigation
Ein Genre und seine Erchliessung

Item date(s): 2009

Sigrid Schade
Anne Thurmann-Jajes

Pages: 300pp
Size: 234mm
Language: English; German

Theme(s): Essays

Publisher: Salon Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-89770-291-2

Additional notes:
Schriftenreihe für Künstlerpublikationen. Band 2.

Bilingual: German and English.

Ref: 3185


Artists' Publications - A Genre and its Investigation
 Sigrid Schade (essay by)

Documentation as Art in Artists' Books and Other Artists' Publications
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Virtual Archives of the Avant-Garde: The Jean Brown Collection in the Digital Environment
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An Artistic-Communicative 'Meanspace'. On the Role Played by artistic Interrelationships in the Context of the Artists' Publications of the 1960s to the 1980s
 Anne Thurmann-Jajes (essay by)

Print-Out: Printed and Unprinted Work by Allan Kaprow
 Allan Kaprow (title)
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Masses and Material: Printin the Context as Seen in the Work of Dieter Roth and Hanne Darboven
 Hanne Darboven (title)
 Dieter Roth (a.k.a. Diter Rot) (Karl-Dieterich) (title)
 Sybille Omlin (essay by)

The Books of George Brecht
 Michael Glasmeier (essay by)

Jean-Frederic Schnyder: Zugerstrasse Baarerstrasse, 1999-2000. Edward Ruscha: Every Building on the Sunset Strip, 1966
 George Brecht (title)
 Paul Tanner (essay by)

Je Dickens Destojewskij!
 Thomas Kapielski (essay by)

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