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MW5 1-4-7

Artwork date(s): 2006

Giulio P. Tambellini

Description: Installation consisting of digital prints assembled from a card box and displayed on a wall. Each image is attached to the card box by lengths of video tape.

Medium: Digital prints, video tape and card box
Measurements: Vary with installation
Edition: Unique

Type: South African Artists Book

Place publication: (United Kingdom)
Publisher: The artist
Pages: unpaged (49p)

Reference noteOf the work, Tambellini states: I believe that artists as bookmakers are only limited by the materials available. Recently on television I saw an insert showing sheets of paper, which could capture and play back recorded sound as well as new format paper CDs. These two paper-based items were manufactured in the Far East and in the long run aim to revolutionise. Currently, digital media can't be cast like paper, woven in working form or manipulated in ways which only artists are capable of doing. Until such a day, we have to print our visual content on limited stock (anything) with little dynamic interaction possibilities or resort to other computer-based technology, such as web formats, projected or avi based communication mediums loosely known as ‘new media'. If we as artists could get hold of flat, flexible, interactive computer screens which we could physically print onto, fold, or bind together, in some way to resemble a book, then we would probably have a fully digital book on our hands. My work explores something in this direction by taking the traditional elements of a book's make-up and running amok with it using digital technology. During the late eighties I was exploring the possibilities of taking electronic music synthesisers apart and embedding their trigger keys into cast paper and making interactive book objects. I have always worked in music, photography, video, but primarily exhibited the traditional art form of printmaking. The Internet has largely evolved the experience of content delivery beyond the need for the physical book as ideal package. I produce websites with the same excitement as I do books because they both possess similar interactive possibilities through navigation options. But this is another category all together. I basically hold onto the rules, while thinking in different directions at once! I am excited by the idea of hybrid technology and multi-sensory experiences through my books.

Exhibition notesThe work was commissioned for the exhibition Navigating the Bookscape: Artists' Books and the Digital Interface which took place at the Aardklop Arts Festival, Potchefstroom, from 25th - 30th October 2006 and the FADA Gallery, University of Johannesburg, from 5th - 13 October 2006 where it was item 20.

Ref: DP10/40

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Total images: 3

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