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Artwork date(s): 2001

Giulio P. Tambellini

Measurements: 135mm, oblong
Inscription: Signed and dated by the artist
Edition: #1/1

Type: South African Artists Book

Place publication: Cape Town, RSA
Publisher: Artists Book
Pages: unpaged

Reference noteColophon: Monoprinted, painted, drawn, 3-D animated, seasoned, photographed, stuck, bound, shaped, bought in Ibiza (card), sewn, stamped, drunk, shot, laserprint, woodcut, embossed, stenciled, sound track sounds made uniquely, recorded and CD burnt, collaged from travels to New York, London and Ibiza between 1997 & 2001, tissue paper found, cover embossed with stamped letters inked in white litho ink. CD-ROM with audio (.avi format movie), An original animation drawn and rendered by Giulio Tambellini. 2001 1/1.

Ref: GB/06337

Total images: 2

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