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1: Chill Down my Spine
Malcolm Payne

2: Face Value
Malcolm Payne  - (edited by)
Peter Carstens  - (bookbinding by)

3: Aphroisms
Malcolm Payne
4: Face Value
Marilyn Martin  - (foreword by)
Malcolm Payne  - (introduction by)
5: Illuminated Manuscripts
Malcolm Payne
6: Axeage Private Press
Pippa Skotnes  - (artist)
Malcolm Payne  - (artist)
Alma Vorster  - (artist)
7: Pogonology
Malcolm Payne  - (title)
8: The Homage Portfolio
Willie Bester  - (featured artist)
Louis Maqhubela  - (featured artist)
Fritha Langerman  - (featured artist)
Stephen Inggs  - (featured artist)
Malcolm Payne  - (featured artist)
David Brown  - (featured artist)
Pippa Skotnes  - (featured artist)
Gavin Young  - (featured artist)
9: Johannesburg Centenary Print Portfolio
Robert Hodgins  - (featured artist)
Giuseppe Cattaneo  - (featured artist)
Karel Nel  - (featured artist)
Malcolm Payne  - (featured artist)
Ezrom Legae  - (featured artist)
Cynthia Kemp  - (edited by)
Malcolm Christian  - (printed by)

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