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Found 8 matches for: 'Mark Attwood' (results sorted by Title). Click the Title for full details.
1: GIF 3
Mark Attwood  - (artwork coordination and edited by)
Joachim Schönfeldt  - (artwork coordination by)
Robert Weinek  - (artwork coordination by)
Tamar Mason  - (edited by)
Jacky Tsila  - (binding by)
Phumla Mabuza  - (binding by)

Claudette Schreuders
2: GIF 4
Mark Attwood  - (printing and artwork coordination by)
Tamar Mason  - (artwork coordination by)
Jacky Tsila  - (binding by)
Hazel Sibande  - (binding by)
Jana Pepin  - (box made by)

Anton Kannemeyer
3: Qauqaua
Qgam (Dada) Coexae
Nxabe Eland
Bob (Enni) Coexae
Cgose Ncoxo
Qwa Mangana
Thamae Setshogo
Paul Emmanuel  - (printed by)
Mark Attwood  - (printed by)

4: GIF 2
Mark Attwood  - (edited by)
Robert Weinek  - (joint editor)
Joachim Schönfeldt  - (joint editor)

5: Selected Poems 1961-1991
Patrick Cullinan  - (poems by)
Stephen Watson  - (edited with an introduction by)
Judith Mason  - (illustrated by)
Mark Attwood  - (printed by)
Bruce Attwood  - (Covers designed and made by)

6: Another Day in Paradise
Mark Attwood  - (printed by)

7: GIF 1
Mark Attwood  - (edited by)
Robert Weinek  - (joint editor)
Joachim Schönfeldt  - (joint editor)

8: Breathe
Mark Attwood  - (printed by)
William Kentridge  - (book artist)

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