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1: Eighteen Prints
Neville E. Dubow  - (introduction by)
2: Irma Stern
Neville E. Dubow
Irma Stern  - (title)
3: Paradise
Neville E. Dubow  - (edited with commentary by)
Irma Stern  - (title)
4: Wolf Kibel
Freda Kibel
Neville E. Dubow
Wolf Kibel  - (title)
5: Exhibition of Small Paintings from the Nineties
Vivienne Koorland
Neville E. Dubow  - (introduction by)
6: Battiss 75
Murray Schoonraad  - (compiled by)
Pieter Duminy  - (compiled by)
Bruce Attwood  - (printed by)
Neville E. Dubow  - (tribute by)
Karin Skawran  - (tribute by)
Esmé Berman  - (tribute by)
Johan van Rooyen  - (tribute by)
Phyllis Konya  - (tribute by)
Linda Goodman  - (tribute by)
Walter Battiss  (1906-1982) - (title)

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