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Found 7 matches for: 'Stephen Gray' (results sorted by Title). Click the Title for full details.
1: Baudelaire's Voyage
Stephen Gray
Cecil Skotnes

2: Tales
Sinclair Beiles  - (poems by)
Cecil Skotnes  - (illustrated by)
Bernard Sachs  - (produced by)
Stephen Gray  - (foreword by)

3: Man's Gold
Cecil Skotnes  - (woodcuts by)
Stephen Gray  - (poems by)
Egon Guenther  - (printed by)
Peter Carstens  - (bookbinding by)
Max Mehliss  - (introduction by)

4: Assassination of Shaka
Stephen Gray  - (text by)
Cecil Skotnes  - (illustrated by)

5: Assassination of Shaka
Stephen Gray  - (text by)
Cecil Skotnes  - (illustrated by)

6: Izwi 16
Phil du Plessis  - (edited by)
Stephen Gray  - (edited by)
Sheila Roberts  - (edited by)

7: Izwi 8
Stephen Gray  - (edited by)
Phil du Plessis  - (edited by)
Wilma Stockenström  - (edited by)
David Rodger  - (cover illustration by)

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