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1: Pop Up and Peer In
Ufrieda Ho  - (essay by)
Stephen Hobbs  - (cover illustration by)
2: Be Careful Pop-up Book
Stephen Hobbs  - (book artist)
Ingrid Schindall

3: Rorschach
Stephen Hobbs
4: Hobbs + DKW
Stephen Hobbs
5: No Fusion
Stephen Hobbs
6: Wash
Stephen Hobbs  - (edited by)
7: Fresh - Robin Rhode
Emma Bedford  - (edited by)
Stephen Hobbs  - (essay by)
Robin Rhode  - (title)
8: Heart of the African City
Shane de Lange  - (curated by)
Bronwyn Law-Viljoen  - (text edit by)
Annemieke de Kler  - (co-curator)
Stephen Hobbs  - (advisor)
Abrie Fourie  - (advisor)
Harrie Siertsema  - (co-ordinated by)
9: Be Careful in the Working Radius
Stephen Hobbs
10: Onair
Bernard Jay  - (foreword by)
Stephen Hobbs  - (introduction by)
Marcus Neustetter  - (introduction by)

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