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The Jack Ginsberg Database and Bibliography

Database of South African Artists' Books

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Artwork Titles starting with 'O'

  1. Obadiah's Night (DP10/35)
  2. On the Surface 1996 (SA/767)
  3. One Thousand and One Steps 2008 (GB/11788)
  4. Only Delhi 2005 (GB/11567)
  5. Ons ‘Queen' 2010 (DP10/50)
  6. Our Holiday 1995 (DP/85)
  7. Our Knowledge of God 2014 (DP16/03)
  8. Ouroboros Series (OS) 2015 (DP16/15)
  9. Outlandish Money Caper 1994 (DP/116)

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