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Lilac Wind

Item date(s): 1983

W. R. Johnson
Claire Van Vliet  - (book artist)

Pages: unpaged
Size: 330mm
Edition: #20/150

Sub-type: Private press

Place publication: Vermont
Publisher: Janus Press, The
Cat. 89
Exhibition 1996

Additional notes:
Poems on a pulp painting made by Claire Van Vliet with Kathryn Clark at Twinrocker Handmade Paper Mill in Brookston, Indiana & printed and bound in 1983 at The Janus Press in Newark, Vermont.

Illustrated on page 106 of Fine Print, Volume 9, Number 3, 1983 and reviewed on page 103.

Cited on page 104 of '80 Years Later' compiled and edited by Lynn Ritzenthaler and Pamela Spitzmueller, 1986.

Illustrated on page 24 of The Janus Press 1981-90 by Ruth E. Fine.

Illustrated for February in 1988 Calendar. AB/3668

Exhibition notes:
Item 89 onArtists' Books in the Ginsberg Collection, with some South African Books from Other Collections.

Johannesburg Art Gallery

25 August to 27 October 1996

Ref: GB/3307

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