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Tony Zwicker Artists' Books
Catalogue of Offerings from the Estate of Tony Zwicker

Item date(s): 2014

Tony Zwicker  - (title)
Michael von Uchtrup

Pages: unpaged
Size: 296mm

Sub-type: Bookseller's catalogue

Place publication: New York
Publisher: The Estate of Tony Zwicker

Additional notes:
From among Mrs. Zwicker's extraordinary stock of artists' books and bookworks, reference titles, periodicals, posters and ephemera.

#1. n.d. Email of Proposal for Key Passages (working title) Tony Zwicker Memorial Exhibition. Books, bookworks, multiples and ephemera for/of/about Tony Zwicker (1925-2000).

#2. September 2003. Books by Dieter Roth.

#3. Autumn 2004. Books from Great Britain.

#4. Spring 2005. Books from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland - artists' books and bookworks, avant garde literature, etc. from the 20th century, in German and English.

#5. Autumn 2005. Artists' Book Exhibition Catalogues and Other Reference Materials.

[including a copy of the books we have and bought from this catalogue]

#6. Winter 2006. Books from the United States - 20yth century American artists' books, bookworks, and ephemera; avant garde literature, reference material, etc.

#7. Winter 2007. Books with or about Photography: including artists' books and bookworks, catalogues and other reference material, journals, miscellanea.

#8. Summer 2008. Books from or about France (and French language books from Belgium, Switzerland and elsewhere). Artists' books, bookworks, monographs and catalogues, avant garde literature, reference material, objets trouves.

#9. Spring 2009. Fine Printing: artists' books, bookworks, avant garde literature, catalogues and other reference material.

#10 Part 1. Autumn 2009.

#10 Part 2. Spring 2010. Art and Artists of the 1960s-80s Avant Garde. (Addendum to Volume 10, Part 1.

#11. Winter 2011. Books from Other Places (not listed in previous volumes). From or about Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Latin America, Scandanavia, southern and eastern Europe.

#12. Winter 2014. A complete inventory of titles remaining.

1. A Radom Sampling no date

2. Books by Dieter Roth. September 2003.

3. Books from Great Britain. Autumn 2004.

4. Books from Germany, Austria etc. Spring 2005.

5. Artist’s Books Exhibition Catalogues etc. Autumn 2005.

6. Books from the United States. Winter 2006.

7. Books with or about Photography. Winter 2007.

8. Books from or about France (& French). Summer 2008.

9. Fine Printing Spring 2009.

10. Art & Artists of the 1960s-80s Avant Garde. Autumn 2009.

11. Books from Other Places. Winter 2011.

12. Inventory of Titles Remaining. Winter 2014.

Contained in an Arch-lever file with the title on the spine.

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