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The Liberated Page

Item date(s): 1987

Aaron Burns  - (foreword by)
Herbert Spencer

Pages: 208pp
Size: 280mm

Place publication: San Francisco, CA
Publisher: Bedford Press

Additional notes:
An anthology of major typographic experiments of this century as recorded in 'Typographica' magazine.

Ref: GB/6094


Avant-garde graphics in Poland between the two world wars
 Anatol Stern (essay by)

Joshua Reichert: typography as visual poetry
 Jasia Reichardt (essay by)

The Books of Dieter Rot
 Richard Hamilton (essay by)

 Thomas Geismar (essay by)
 Ivan Chermayeff (essay by)
 Robert Brownjohn (essay by)

Ideogrammes lyriques
 Stefan Themerson (essay by)

Paul Van Ostaijen
 Edward Wright (essay by)
 Edward Wright (essay by)
 Paul Van Ostaijen (title)

Lyric Poetry - instructions for use
 Paul (essay by)

 Germano Facetti (essay by)

From Painting to Photography: Experiments of the 1920s
 Camilla Gray (essay by)

Kurt Schwitters on a time-chart
 Stefan Themerson (essay by)
 Kurt Schwitters (title)

Henryk Berlewi and Mechano-faktura
 Eckhard Neumann (essay by)
 Henryk Berlewi (title)

Piet Zwart
 Herbert Spencer (essay by)
 Piet Zwart (title)

Paul Schuitema
 Paul Schuitema (title)
 Benno Wisssing (essay by)

John Heartfield
 John Heartfield (title)
 Eckhard Neumann (essay by)

Alexander Rodchenko: a Constructivist designer
 Aleksandr Rodchenko (title)
 Camilla Gray (essay by)

Herbert Bayer's photographic experiments
 Herbert Bayer (title)
 Eckhard Neumann (essay by)

Richard Hamilton's version of 'The Green Box'
 Richard Hamilton (title)
 Edward Wright (essay by)

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