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Thoughts in the Form of a Letter

Item date(s): 2003

Robbin Ami Silverberg

Pages: unpaged
Size: 310mm
Edition: #1/5

Place publication: New York
Publisher: Dobbin Books
Cat. 223-C5-2/3
Exhibition 2017; 2022

Additional notes:
"A letter I received from a friend about changing perceptions in an aging marriage relationship was pulp-painted on translucent paper, with the text on the reverse side showing through. The white paper between the script was then cut out and placed in plastic sacks, inserted into the front and back covers. The elimination of the ground around the letters makes the text virtually unreadable. The collection of this in-between forces the viewer to notice the absence of words as a presence of space or silence, and to consider parallels with the text’s theme of marriage."

Reference note:
Illustrated on page 30 of Beyond Words, Artists' Books by Ruth R. Rogers, 2006.

Illustrated in Black, White and Read, Centre for Book Arts, NY. 2007.

Exhibition notes:
Item 0223 - C5-2/3 on Booknesses: Artists' books from the Jack Ginsberg Collection.

UJ Art Gallery, University of Johannesburg

25 March to 5 May 2017

Creative Research: The Artists’ Books of Veronika Schäpers, Robbin Ami Silverberg and Julie Chen.


22 September to 15 December 2022

Beyond Words


20 June - 11 Aug 2023

Ref: GB/7355

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