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Item date(s): 1991

Bruce Arnott  - (foreword by)

Pages: 42pp
Size: 300mm

Place publication: Cape Town, RSA
Publisher: Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town

Additional notes:
Yearbook of the Staff of the Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town, 1990/91.

Ref: SA/0287


Five Porcelain Sculptures
 John Nowers
   Untitled essay.

Ars in Academia
 Bruce Arnott (essay by)

Irma Stern, Africa and the Other
 Irma Stern (title)
 Neville E. Dubow (essay by)
   An extract from current research on the formative period (1917-1933) in the art of Irma Stern.

The Poetry of Places and Offset Prints
 Stephen Inggs (essay by)

Coming Home
 Gavin Younge (essay by)

Circus 1 and 2
 Geoffrey Grundlingh (artist)

Black South-Easter II
 Helmut Starcke (essay by)

 Patricia Pierce-Atkinson (artist)

Oppenheimer seduces Foucault
 Malcolm Payne (essay by)
   Untitled essay.

Harpist, Boy on Skateboard and Dog
 Neville E. Dubow (essay by)
   Untitled essay.

Dream of Bitterpits and the Genesis of a Book
 Pippa Skotnes (essay by)

Swansong of the Sausage Dog
 Bruce Arnott (essay by)

Fetching Europe
 Helen Mmakgabo Mmapula Sebidi (title)
 Gavin Younge (essay by)
   Reflections on the work of Helen Mmakgoba Mmapula Sebidi exhibited at the UCT Irma Stern Museum - May 1990.

Murals for Lecture Theatre, Faculty of Education Building, University of Cape Town
 Kevin Atkinson (artist)

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