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Grey Areas
Representation, Identity and Politics in Contemporary South African Art

Item date(s): 1999

Brenda Atkinson  - (edited with an introduction by)
Candice Breitz  - (joint editor)
Mandla Langa  - (foreword by)
Kendell Geers  - (additional material)
Robert Greig  - (additional material)
Okwui Enwezor  - (additional material)

Pages: 321pp
Size: 210mm

Place publication: Johannesburg, RSA
Publisher: Chalkham Hill Press
ISBN: 0-620-23664-7

Additional notes:
With 34 essays and five appendices.

See Additional Material: Reviews by Robert Greig in the Sunday Independent dated 30 Mar and 25 May 1997; Correspondence with and Call for Contributions by Brenda Atkinson; Article by Kendell Geers with response by Candice Breitz.

See also: copy of Reframing the black subject: Ideology and fantasy in contemporary South African Art (SA/2315)

Ref: SA/0436


Black Voice
 Siemon Allen (essay by)

Recrimination and Imagination
 Marion Arnold (essay by)

Disembodiment and the Total Body. A Response to Enwezor on Contemporary South African Representation.
 Brian Keith Axel (essay by)

On Entering the Debate
 Carol Becker (essay by)

Antibodies: Misrepresentations of the body in South African art discourse
 Emma Bedford (essay by)

Private Parts and Public Selves - An Excerpt
 Ricky Burnett (essay by)

Point of No Return in Contemporary South African Art: Reflections on the Past, the Present and the Future
 Pitso Chinzima (essay by)

Over the Rainbox - by way of a reply to Okwui Enwezor
 Jeremy Cronin (essay by)

ETHNO-PORNE: Four Brief Views into the Ethics of Imaging Black Bodies
 J. Yolande Daniels (essay by)

Illusions of Fixity
 Patricia Davison (essay by)

Treaing Water in a Fluid World: Post-Human Identities, Ambivalence and Art
 Maureen de Jager

 Bongi Dhlomo-Mautloa (interview with)
 Brenda Atkinson (interviews by)

Observations and Reflections
 Neville E. Dubow (essay by)

Do the Right Thing
 Marlene Dumas (essay by)

Checking one another's credentials?
 Lola Frost (essay by)

Rainbow Mischief
 Jack M. Ginsberg (essay by)

There is no escape from the politics of our knowledge
 Veliswa Gwintsa (essay by)

Transforming the National Gallery
 Marilyn Martin (essay by)

Apartheid and alienation in the work of art
 Raymond Ngcobo (essay by)

The Quest for Appropriate Representation
 Andries Walter Oliphant (essay by)

 Anonymous (essay by)

Babbit's Feast: Violence and Representation in South African Art
 Colin Richards (essay by)

 Tracey Rose (essay by)

The Pit Calling the Kettle Black
 Ruth Rosengarten (essay by)

 Lorna Ferguson (interview by)
 Albie Sachs (interview with)

Censorship, Censoriousness and a Colourful Commotion: The Useful Objects Controversy
 Brenda Schmahmann (essay by)

Culture-Making in Contemporary Africa
 AbdouMaliq Simone (essay by)

Dissenting Detail: Another Story of Art and Politics in South Africa
 Penny (Penelope) Siopis (essay by)

The Beauty of Grey
 Greg Streak (essay by)

Colonialism as Historical Trauma
 Ernst van Alphen (essay by)

The Difference between colonisation and desire
 Hentie van der Merwe (essay by)

Gaze, A Look, A Representation, As Seen Through Queer and Neofemimist Theories, Amongst Others
 Amanda Williamson (essay by)

Out of line: When do artists and critics go too far?
 Sue Williamson (essay by)

Call for Contributions
 Candice Breitz (appendix)
 Brenda Atkinson (appendix)

Knives drawn as the Band-Aid rainbow nation shows its true colours
 Robert Greig (appendix)

Is this an insult to black women?
 Hazel Friedman (appendix)

Shock people in an empowering way
 Nomboniso Gasa (appendix)

 Zapiro (appendix)

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