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Art and Articles
Art and articles in honour of Heather Martienssen

Item date(s): 1973

Frieda Harmsen  - (edited by)
Cecily Sash  - (assisted by)
Shirley G. Kossick  - (assisted by)
Monte W. Bryer  - (introduction by)
Heather Martienssen  - (title)

Pages: 221pp
Size: 284mm
Inscription: Signed by the author.

Place publication: Cape Town, RSA
Publisher: A. A. Balkema

Additional notes:
In honour of Heather Martienssen, Professor of Fine Arts, University of the Witwatersrand presented to her by former students and colleagues upon her retirement in November, 1973. A festschrift. The essay by Frieda Harmsen, signed by her on page 168.

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Ref: SA/0445


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