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Robert Hodgins

Item date(s): 2002

Robert Hodgins  - (title)
Brenda Atkinson

Pages: 143pp
Size: 290mm

Place publication: Cape Town, RSA
Publisher: Tafelberg Publishers
ISBN: 0-624-04065-8

Ref: SA/0450


New Loves, Old Affairs
 Brenda Atkinson (essay by)
   An introduction to the work of Robert Hodgins.

String of Beads
 Robert Hodgins (interview by)
 Robert Hodgins (interview with)

Made in Africa?
 Rayda Becker (essay by)

Through Ubu's Eyes
 Ivor Powell (essay by)

Conversations, Collaborations
 Brenda Atkinson (essay by)
   Robert Hodgins, William Kentridge, Deborah Bell.

Undiscovered at 82
 Kendell Geers (essay by)

The Old Man Mad About Painting
 Michael Godby (essay by)

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