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The Amazing Bushman
Art in South Africa

Item date(s): 1939

Walter Whall Battiss  (1906-1982)

Pages: 36pp
Size: 284mm
Binding: Staple; Leather thong
Technique: Lithography; Photographs
Inscription: Signed and dated and inscribed by the artist.
Edition: #35/200

Place publication: Pretoria, RSA
Publisher: The Red Fawn Press
Previous reference DP/0002
Battiss bibliography 03

Additional notes:
Ms. Dedication to: "Mrs Boxall in appreciation". Signed Walter W. Battiss. Nov 1939.

With letter laid in:

Art Department,

High School for Boys,


4 November, 1939

Dear Mrs Boxall,

Very many thanks for ordering my book & portfolio.

I am sorry it is so expensive but the costs of production were high.

The ordinary selling price is 27/6d but I am letting you have your signed copy for 19/-, as that is what I receive from the Book Shops cash.

Doreen and mother have both written of you to me.

Yours sincerely,

Walter W. Battiss.

This copy has two original watercolour drawings with inscription by Walter Battiss:

1. "Exact Size. Original water colour after a painting at Fraaiuitzicht, district Rouxville, O. F. S.

2. "Exact Size. Original water colour after a painting from New England, N.E. Cape.

The book is bound with a leather thong into a second, slightly larger, illustrated cover.

In the inside front cover: "This book is incomplete without the Special Portfolio of Reproductions".

"The Edition is limited to 200 copies of which this is No. 35".

33 numbered plates on brown cards are included. Those numbered 6-33 are marked "Copyright: W. W. Battiss".

There is a second copy of the book which is less foxed than the original and numbered No. 159. It is not bound into the special cover.

Sotheby's 20/10/03 #67/68.

David Paton records another copy, #74/200, in the Brenthurst Collection.

Including a prospectus for the book: A Rare Treat. An Art Book from the Red Fawn Press, Pretoria. Edition limited to 200 copies. Illustrated Text and Thirty Two Art Plates.

A partially complete list of books by Walter Battiss appears on page 220 of Battiss edited by Karin Skawran & Michael Macnamara, Ad Donker, 1985.

Reference note:
Printed by Wallachs, Ltd (Pretoria)/

Ref: SA/0465

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