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Africus Johannesburg Biennale

Item date(s): 1995

Christopher M. Till  - (foreword by)

Pages: 304pp
Size: 280mm

Place publication: Johannesburg, RSA
Publisher: Transitional Metropolitan Council
ISBN: 0-86998-171-4

Additional notes:
Exhibition catalogue 28/2/95-30/4/95.

Ref: SA/0724


Reflections on the question: Shy a Johannesburg biennale?
 Lorna Ferguson (essay by)

What is post-apartheid South Africa and its place in the world?
 Rasheed Araeen (essay by)

The Reflections of night and the glow of dawn
 Ery Camara (essay by)

Mapping the Art world
 Arthur C. Danto (essay by)

Emerging from the margins
 Bongi Dhlomo-Mautloa (essay by)

Different values - universal art: the stat of modern African art
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Arts, culture, human rights and democracy
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Truth seeking, memory and art: comments following four weeks of life in the new South Africa
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Letter to artists in South Africa
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The art of transformation: mbongi and the transition to democracy in South Africa
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The art of transformation: iimbongi and the transition to democracy in South Africa
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Art in a multi-ethnic society
 Jean-Hubert Martin (essay by)

The promise of community
 Charles Merewether (essay by)

Collections, exhibitions and histories: constructing a new South African art history
 Anitra Nettleton (essay by)

Black face / yellow face: distant neighbours
 Apinan Poshyananda (essay by)

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