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Battiss 75

Item date(s): 1981

Murray Schoonraad  - (compiled by)
Pieter A. Duminy  - (compiled by)
Bruce Attwood  - (printed by)
Neville E. Dubow  - (tribute by)
Karin Skawran  - (tribute by)
Esmé Berman  - (tribute by)
Johan van Rooyen  - (tribute by)
Phyllis Konya  - (tribute by)
Linda Goodman  - (tribute by)
Walter Whall Battiss  (1906-1982) - (title)

Pages: 32pp
Size: 315mm, oblong
Edition: One of 1000 copies

Place publication: Pietermaritzburg, RSA
Publisher: D&S Publishers
ART 1813 (GB/50118)
Battiss bibliography 28

Additional notes:
Chronological biography.

Short list of exhibitions.

Publications by Battiss (including books and articles).

Bound in green Buckram.

Including the prospectus.

Special copy (#10/100) bound in brown Buckram (with damaged cover) with an original watercolour of a vase of flowers, on the inside endpaper inscribed: To precious Marlene & Abie. BIG LOVE. Walter 16.9.81.

Reference note:
Included with this lot were the following items:

1. A greeting card with inscription and dated Christmas 1981 together with an envelope re-addressed to the recipients in Battiss's hand. Battiss has used an envelope addressed to him without re-stamping it which resulted in the receipients having to pay A 10 cent fine!

2. an exhibition catalogue RAU 1-20.3.82. signed and inscribed by Battiss "To my very dear Marlene & Abe. Big love. Walter Battiss. 2.3.82."

3. A greeting card designed by Walter Battiss sent to Abe & Marlene Erasmus.

4. Two newspaper cuttings from Die Transvaler. 30/10/1981 and 20/12/1985.

5. Bernardi's auction catalogue in which this is Lot 210.

Exhibition notes:
ISBN: 0-620-05083-7

Ref: SA/0777


Tributes to Walter Battiss
 Phyllis Konya
 G. Muller Ballot
 Linda A. Givon (Goodman)
 Johan van Rooyen
 Karin Skawran
 Neville E. Dubow
 Esmé Berman

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