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Artists in Conversation

Item date(s): 2005

Leanne Engelberg
Bettie Celliers-Barnard  - (featured artist)
Mandla Madila  - (featured artist)
Alfred Thoba  - (featured artist)
Christiaan (Chris) Diedericks  - (featured artist)
Henriette Ngako  - (featured artist)
Moses Seleko  - (featured artist)
Osiah Masekoameng  - (featured artist)
Kedibone (Sarah) Tabane  - (featured artist)
Vincent Baloyi  - (featured artist)
Kim Berman  - (featured artist)

Place publication: Johannesburg, RSA
Publisher: Telkom

Additional notes:
In conjunction with the University of the Witwatersrand and BASA.

DVD in wrap-around cardboard folder. Interviews with the artists, including soundbites for each.

Ref: SA/0858

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