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Battiss Ephemera from "Adolf"

Item date(s): Various

Walter Whall Battiss  (1906-1982)
Phil du Plessis

Size: 296mm

Publisher: Photocopies
Previous reference SA/1487

Additional notes:
Photocopy of items from Adolph

1. Sketchbook given by Walter Battiss to his mother.

2. Pencil drawing of trees.

3. Pencil sketch of seated man, woman's face and hand with club.

4. Pencil sketch of seated man signed W. W. Battiss and dated 14/7/27.

5. Newspaper clipping dated 30/3/1955 with invitation card and other clippings.

6. Letter dated 13/3/23.

7. Letter dated 14/3/38.

8. Letter dated 14/3/41.

9. Letter dated 12/6/60.

10. Letter dated 18/5/74.

Ref: GB/30331

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