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Doing Hair: Art and Hair in Africa

Item date(s): 2014

Laura De Becker  - (edited by)
Anitra Nettleton  - (edited with an introduction by)
Lesley Spiro Cohen  - (preface by)
Connie Mashaba  - (introduction by)
Alison Kearney  - (resource pamphlet by)
Leigh Blanckenberg  - (resource pamphlet by)

Pages: 68pp
Size: 260mm
Inscription: Signed by the editors

Place publication: Johannesburg
Publisher: Wits Art Museum
ISBN: 978*0-620-61860-1

Additional notes:
Together with a 12 page Education Resource pamphlet.

Ref: SA/1688


Hair paraphernalia
 Anitra Nettleton (essay by)

 Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum (essay by)

Natural \black\ hair(styles?)
 Shayna Goncalves (essay by)

Bringing the salon into the gallery
 Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum (essay by)

Museums, hair, and narratives
 Erin Bosenberg (essay by)

Cut like this
 Paul Davis (essay by)

Talking nonsense, talking sense'
 Dipalesa Mpye (essay by)

Barbershop signs
 Susan Middleton (essay by)
 Anitra Nettleton (essay by)

 Hazel Cuthbertson (essay by)
 Laura De Becker (essay by)

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