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100 Years of the JAG building and its evolution of space and meaning. 1915-2015.

Item date(s): 2015

Tracy Murinik  - (edited by)

Pages: 200pp
Size: 250mm

Place publication: Johannesburg
Publisher: Johannesburg Art Gallery
ISBN: 978-0994654090

Additional notes:
First published on the occasion of the celebration of the centenary of the Johannesburg Art Gallery Lutyens building.

Ref: SA/1840


Interprative Graphic Maps
 Karin Tan

Lyutyens in Jobert Park
 Jillian Carman (essay by)

Materialising Identity, Class and 'Respectabiliyt': Joubert Park, Johannesburg as a Leisure Space, c 1890s-1930
 Louis Grundlingh (essay by)

The Neglected Tradition
 Same Mdluli

Outside Inside
 Julia Charlton (essay by)

The Grammar of the Exhibition, Biography of a Building and a Phone Call
 Clive Kellner (essay by)

Johannesburg Circa Now
 Terry Kurgan (essay by)
 Jo Ractliffe (essay by)

Off the Beaten Path: Violence, Women and Art
 Antoinette Murdoch (essay by)

Urban Life
 John Fleetwood (essay by)

Snagging at the Joints
 Stephen Hobbs

Curatorial as Education: A Few Notes on the Role of Education within the Context of a Museum
 Nontobeko Ntombela (essay by)

JAG's Traditional Collecting: Constructing Meaning
 Philippa van Straaten

Joubert Park Project 2000-2001
 Dorothea Kreutzfeldt (essay by)
 Jo Ractliffe (essay by)

The Green Fence
 Usha Seejarim (essay by)

New Engagements - Old Strategies
 Musha Neluheni (essay by)

Shifting Spaces, Publics and Audiences
 Reshma Chhiba (essay by)

Lapeng Creche
 Lorraine Deift

JAG Library and Archives
 Jo Burger (essay by)

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