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Letters between Cecil & Thelma Skotnes and Stephen Gray
Archive of Correspondence

Item date(s): 1974-2006

Cecil Skotnes  - (author)
Thelma Skotnes  - (author)
Stephen Gray  - (author)

Pages: various
Inscription: Signed by the author

Place publication: Johannesburg
Publisher: The artist

Additional notes:

Posters: Shaka Zulu

Book dust-jacket

Slides: Baudelaire's Voyage. Man's Gold.

Transparancies: The White Monday Disaster


Postcards to Stephen Gray (mainly from Thelma Skotnes between 1974-2006)

Folder 1: Catalogues, illustrative articles and opening invitations.

Folder 2: Black Books. The White Monday Disaster, Baudelaire's Voyage, Ten Landscapes and Man's Gold.

Folder 3: The Assassination of Shaka.

Folder 4: Family photographs. Correspondence with SG 1974-1994.

Folder 5: Personalia. Skotnes. Cecil, Thelma and family.

Folder 6: Quagga Press Publishing. Cover artworks and illustrations.

Folder 7: Recent catalogues featuring Skotnes works, mainly Shaka related.

SPECIAL COLLECTION in South African Art Monographs

See also Humanities 1747

Ref: SA/2266

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