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The Homage Portfolio

Item date(s): 2009

Willie Bester  - (featured artist)
Louis Maqhubela  - (featured artist)
Fritha Langerman  - (featured artist)
Stephen Inggs  - (featured artist)
Malcolm Payne  - (featured artist)
David Brown  - (featured artist)
Pippa Skotnes  - (featured artist)
Gavin Young  - (featured artist)

Size: 66 x 50cm
Inscription: Signed by all participants
Edition: #14/50

Type: Portfolio

Additional notes:
See also CMD 1946 with linked images.

a. Bester. Social Engineering. 2009

b. Maqhubela. Greetings Cecil S.

3. Langerman. Untitled. 2009

4. Inggs. Untitled

5. Payne. Finis

6. Brown. Fucks it, maar ek stands alone.

7. Skotnes. Untitled. 2009

8. Younge. Untitled. 2009

Ref: SA/2293

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