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1988 Calendar

Item date(s): 1988

Pamela Spitzmueller  - (featured artist)
Hedi Kyle  - (featured artist)
Claire Van Vliet  - (featured artist)
John Franklin Mowery  - (editor)

Pages: unpaged
Size: 185mm, oblong
Binding: Spiral binding

Sub-type: Calendar

Place publication: Hagerstown, MD
Publisher: Hagerstown Bookbinding & Printing Co. Inc.

Additional notes:
Showing aspects of bookbinding, marbling, artists' books and calligraphy, including:

February 1988. Claire Van Vliet. Lilac Wind.

March 1988. Timothy C. Ely. Secret Passage I.

April 1988. Suzanne Moore. Jaberwocky.

November 1988. Pamela Spitzmueller. British Museum Memoir.

December 1988. Hedi Kyle. ABC Book.

Ref: 3668

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