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Volatile Alliances
an international conspiracy

Item date(s): 1995

Mona Berman  - (South African curator)
Margot Amoils  - (South African curator)
Craig Dongoski  - (international curator)
Peter Scott  - (artist in residence and curator)
Kim Berman  - (co-ordinator)
Pepe Abela  - (featured artist)
Vincent Baloyi  - (featured artist)
Kim Berman  - (featured artist)
Ezekiel Budeli  - (featured artist)
Mbongeni Richman Buthelezi  - (featured artist)
Gordon Gabashane  - (featured artist)
Philippa Hobbs  - (featured artist)
Moleleki Frank Ledimo  - (featured artist)
Paul Molete  - (featured artist)
Sokhaya Charles Nkosi  - (featured artist) x2
Simon Mthinkhulu  - (featured artist)
Velaphi Mzimba  - (featured artist)
Joe Ndhlovu  - (featured artist)
Elvin Nethononda  - (featured artist)
Lothar Riedel  - (featured artist)
Helen Mmakgabo Mmapula Sebidi  - (featured artist)
Simon Sejake  - (featured artist)
Durant Sihlali  - (featured artist)
E. Giulio P. Tambellini  - (featured artist)
Dominic Tshabangu  - (featured artist)
Diane Victor  - (featured artist)
Nhlanhla Xaba  - (featured artist)

Size: Box = 483mm

Place publication: Johannesburg

Additional notes:
Africus Johannesburg Biennale 1995.

International Print Exchange and Installation.

Volatile Alliances, the theme of the international print exchange and exhibition for the Africus Johannesburg Biennale is a celebration of South Africa's re-entry into the international cultural arena and a dynamic cultural exchange between artists working in a variety of printmaking techniques. The vision of this initiative is to promote ongoing dialogues and exchanges between South Africans and artists of the world.

The portfolio is accompanied with a catalogue with a preface, acknowledgements and foreword - by Mona Berman. In addition a full list of the South African and International artists with images and titles of their work. [see below for some anomalies resulting from the title page being printed before the receipt - non receipt - in some cases.

There are two chemises in the box: One of the South African artists (which is complete) and the other of International artists which shows some anomalies from the title sheet:

1. The Daniel Dingler print is not shown in the catalogue.

2. John Buck and Mirislav Polcar prints are listed on the title page but were never made (according to Kim Berman). The former is in the catalogue and the latter is not shown in the catalogue.

3. The Dias Mahlete print is missing (or not made?) but is shown in the catalogue.

4. Hendrickus Bervoets, Albert Daniels and Jiri Kornatovky prints are shown in the catalogue but the images differ.

5. The Oscar Gillespie print is shown in the catalogue flipped left/right.

6. The Phyllis McGibbon print is shown in the catalogue as landscape but should be portrait.

Exhibition notes:
Faces, Spaces and Tenuous Places


6 February – 13 May 2024

Pepe Abela's print from the portfolio was shown.

Ref: GB/30005


Featured International Artist
 Phyllis McGibbion
 Napolean Jones Henderson
 Atta Kwami
 Valgerdur Hauksdottir
 Oscar Jay Gillespie
 Vera Zulumovski
 Eric Avery
 George Hawken
 Ken Orchard
 Jiri Kornatovski
 Rudolf Bikkers
 Hendrikus Bervoets
 Veerle Rooms
 Edite Vidins
 Albert Daniels
 Judy Watson
 Hafdis Olafsdottir
 William Weegee

Pepe Abela

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