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Hulde uit 1970

Item date(s): 1970

Phil du Plessis

Pages: 4pp
Size: 250mm
Collation: Addendum to Wurm 12
Technique: Mixed media
Edition: 20

Place publication: (Pretoria, RSA)
Publisher: Wurm 12 Menlopark
Cat. 179
Exhibition 1996

Reference note:
Sandpaper, yellow tissue, black spraypaint, self-sealing plastic bag, condom, staples and Cyclotype (Roneo) text on cartridge paper

Staple-bound set of four pages added as an addendum to the journal Wurm 12: GB/10033

This is an addendum to the final edition of Wurm (no:12, Feb 1970) and consists of 3 pages: 'Hulde aan Stantpunte' (a small square of sandpaper stapled to the page); 'Hulde aan die Sestigers' (a yellow tissue stapled to the page) and 'In Memoriam' (a black spray-painted dot on the page, matching the decoration on the covers of Wurm 12). Apparently another 20 addenda were made as a 'special edition' containing a 4th and final page titled 'Hulde aan Andre Brink' (consisting of a wrapped condom attached to the page) and which was not sent out to all subscribers. One unique edition - pictured here and which is the edition shown on the exhibition 'Artists' Books in the Ginsberg Collection', was du Plessis' own copy. This one-off contains the author/artist's own semen, a spent condom and its torn wrapper all housed in a zip-lock plastic bag and attached to the final page. I consider this one of the first artists' books produced in South Africa.

Exhibited addendum in the collection of Phil du Plessis.

Exhibition notes:
Item 179 in the exhibition 'Artists Books in the Ginsberg Collection' at the Johannesburg Art Gallery 25/8/96-27/10/96.

Ref: DP/0034

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