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Animal Studies
An Elementary Manual

Item date(s): 2016

Sally Rumball

Medium: Paper
Technique: Mixed media
Edition: Unique

Type: Accordion fold
Theme(s): Human/animal relations

Place publication: Johannesburg
Publisher: The artist
Exhibition 2017

Reference note:
Over several years, Rumball's work has explored the history of human/animal relationships, issues of animal cruelty, the damage excessive consumerism is inflicting on nature and more recently, the celebration of animal magic.

Animals are described as multi-cellular organisms that receive energy from ingesting food, and that are able to move part or all of themselves; unlike fungi, plants and bacteria. There are almost 2 million species of animals on planet earth, and more being discovered every year. Animals range from about 0.2mm long (water bears) to 33 meters (the blue whale), and each have their relevance and complexities. All have an instinct for survival and an ability to adapt to their environment. All are created 'just so'.

Throughout our human history, animals have woven their way into our dreams, traditions and legends, owing to their varied physical manifestations and engaging antics. For us, animals 'act out' scenarios and interactions, and are metaphors for heroes and villains better than we could put into words. Realistically, animals are driven by a need to continue, as individuals and as a species. That's where the magic is.

I believe magic is a spark, a dream, a gift. It is physical and mental movement and growth, connectivity, ritual, balance and truth.

Albert Einstein said 'Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.'

Rumball expresses her concerns through the use of spontaneous mark-making, contemplative realism, layering with found objects, mixed-media, collage, and assemblage.

Exhibition notes:
‘Booknesses: Contemporary South African Artist's Books’.

FADA Gallery, University of Johannesburg.

Curated by David Paton and Eugene Hon.

24 March - 5 May 2017

Ref: DP/17075

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