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Arts and Culture

Item date(s): June 2011

Francis Antonie  - (editor)

Pages: 80pp
Size: 253mm
Language: English

Sub-type: Periodical

Place publication: Johannesburg, RSA
Publisher: The Helen Suzman Foundation
Issue 61

Ref: SA/2364


Standard Bank Young Artists Awards - a legacy of note
 Mandy van der Spuy (essay by)

Beyond Black and White: Rethinking Irma Stern
 Claudia Braude (essay by)

Our National Gallery: The 'Book' of our Art?
 Hayden Proud (essay by)

More than a 'publish or perish' dilemma: research funding and the creative arts at South African Universities
 Brenda Schmahmann (essay by)

Renoster, a Foundation and a Market: the cultural import of three Johannesburg figures between 1960-1990
 Barney Simon (featured artist)
 Bill Ainslie (featured artist)
 Lionel Abrahams (featured artist)
 Michael Gardiner (essay by)

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